Interview: Theresa Dowell Blackinton

While Theresa Dowell Blackinton's next book, Moon Kentucky won't arrive on bookshelves until Spring 2011, I got the inside scoop on her travels around the state. Find out about her favorite spots, the best food, and some of the interesting tidbits she learned along the way in this three-part interview with the author, photographer, and all-around gypsy.

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The Neighborhoods Project

The City of Chicago has over 200 neighborhoods, which are part of 77 distinct community areas as divided up by the Social Science Research Committee of the University of Chicago in the 1920s. Unofficially, of course. Join me as this new project begins.

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01.04.2011 10:00PM
So this is Twenty-eleven. I'm not exactly sure what happened to Twenty-ten, but its gone. Seriously, I feel like last year got stuck in the time-space continuum and lasted for maybe five minutes. It was certainly fun while it lasted. So what's Twenty-eleven have in store for A lot. Well I'm creating the potentional for a lot. We'll see how well I follow through. Here's a sneak peek:

- The Daily Snap returns. Once this Chicago winter passes, so May, I'll be featuring a new photo I've taken recently. My Nikon D90 is now equipped with the Nikor 28-300mm, so the possibilities are now endless.

- 14 Days of Super Bowl. I did this once for Super Bowl XLI (that's 41), you know the one where the Colts beat the Bears. Each day leading up to the big game I bring you some interesting information about the game.

- Podcasts return. Once a staple of Beavers and Ducks, podcasts will be making their glorious return. Yep thats right. You get to listen to me ramble. And ramble I will. I'm looking to incorporate interviews with family and friends who can bring entertaining stuff to the table. Apply within.

- A Day in the Life Comic Feature. I'll pick one day a month (it may be more) in which I document my day through a comic. I'll be funny. Trust me.

- 7th Anniversary Spectacular! In late February Beavers and Ducks turns 7. I'm not one for round numbers or numbers divisible by five, so we'll be celebrating seven years. I'll choose selections from the first year of Beavers and Ducks (at Blogspot) and reproduce them in part or entirety on the same day they were featured seven years ago. We'll probably find out that not much has changed.

- And finally theres a large, involved project that is not yet ready to be announced. Though the announcement will be coming very soon.

Of course there's always the new blog posts and photoblog updates that will happen when the moment hits.

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