The 14 Days of Super Bowl XLV

Starting today and culminating with my prediction for the big game on Sunday, February 6, I will be bringing you The 14 Days of Super Bowl XLV. Honestly, the only reason to have two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, is for hype. You know, a long pregnant pause for dramatic effect. So why not play into it?

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Without a doubt I can say I've never experienced anything like it. There's been lots of snow (Louisville's record total is actually more than Chicago's record total). There's been monster thunderstorms. There's been ridiculous winds. But never had I experienced them together in an epic combination until Tuesday night.

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The World That We Live In
01.24.2011 8:00PM
I went into work today, following an awesome birthday weekend, not really looking forward to the work week ahead. And then I saw a few drawings that had been returned with a significant amount of redlines and I was even less motivated to work. I had been at work for eight minutes. But can you blame me? On Friday I hung out with friends, bowled a 158 average over four games, and had more than a few drinks to celebrate my 26th birthday. And then Saturday and Sunday, I did what I do best - watched sports. Sure the Illini lost, but hey at least the Packers took care of the Bears. I wasn't ready for another five days of work. So I was even more grouchy than usual this Monday.

Then I logged onto Facebook, as I always do in morning, and got knocked square in the face with some awful news. A guy I spent four years with in high school had died. And as the lyrics go, "Understand that friends come and go,but for the precious few you should hold on." This was a friend that had come and gone. We were friends within the confines of high school. And then Facebook came about and we became "friends" again. I'm not one to collect "friends" on Facebook. If you're part of my 195 Facebook friends, its almost a certainly I wouldn't mind sitting down with you for a beer. This guy was no exception. And this friend was pretty good with snarky replies to my own snarky Facebook comments. So I was taken aback. And decided that the work day wasn't going to be so bad.

However, what I found particularly disturbing was the means of how I found out about the death - someone's Facebook news feed. Boom. Right there when I logged on. There was no time to brace for bad news. But that's the world we live in. As easily it is for me to know you are eating macaroni and cheese while watching "Perfect Strangers", its just as easy for me to find out a mutual Facebook friend has died. However, its also quite possible that without Facebook, I never would have found out about the death. Or wouldn't find out until weeks or months later. And while we were friends during high school and reconnected thanks to Facebook, I hadn't interacted with this friend in the real world since graduation. So its possible, I wouldn't have even considered him a friend. But the fact that he could virtually reply with a smartass comment to something I posted on Facebook, made him a friend, even without any physical presence for nearly eight years.

He would have celebrated his 26th birthday on Thursday. I'll be sure to post a smartass comment in your memory. I'm going to miss the occasional, "What the fuck did Ken have to say about this ridiculous post?"

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