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I went into work today, following an awesome birthday weekend, not really looking forward to the work week ahead. And then I saw a few drawings that had been returned with a significant amount of redlines and I was even less motivated to work. I had been at work for eight minutes.

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Beavers & Ducks 7th Anniversary

On this day seven years ago Beavers and Ducks was born. It wasn't my first website but the first in which the content was strictly my unfiltered commentary. Prior to Beavers and Ducks there were a few Survivor websites (you know back when it was in its first few seasons - this season, Redemption Island, is season 22.)

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02.03.2011 8:00PM
Well, now that THUNDER BLIZZARD 2011 has come and gone, lets recap this historic event that bombarded the Chicago area. If you weren't able to tell, I fucking loved it.

Here's a photo gallery of how things were as the storm first rolled in.
Heavy snow. Winds over 65 mph, and zero visibility.

And here's a photo gallery of how things looks by the time most of the storm had rolled out.
20.2 inches of snow. 8 foot snow drifts. A deserted downtown.

And of course, the million dollar video of THUNDER BLIZZARD, embedded below.

Without a doubt I can say I've never experienced anything like it. There's been lots of snow (Louisville's record total is actually more than Chicago's record total). There's been monster thunderstorms. There's been ridiculous winds. But never had I experienced them together in an epic combination until Tuesday night. While they warned to remain inside unless it was necessary to head out, I decided capturing the event through photos and video was necessary. And so I ventured out. I layered up- undershirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, coat; hiking pants, insulated water repellant pants; cotton socks, wool socks; Gore-tex boots; ski mask and gloves. It wasn't that bad. And I'm very glad I went out and experienced it.

I imagine to some degree it was like a winter hurricane. For most of my time outside, the wind carried me to my destination. Trying to resist was futile. This seems like a once in a lifetime event, but I can't say I wouldn't mind another THUNDER BLIZZARD, maybe not tomorrow or before this winter rolls out, but some time down the road. As an adult, I was pleased with the way the city managed the emergency. As a kid at heart, I was disappointed to see a lot of snow cleared upon waking up on Wednesday. But there was definitely enough to go around. There's no substitute for living through the heart of a THUNDER BLIZZARD, but I hope you were able to get a sense of things through my photos and videos, it was fun. Actually, it was fucking awesome!

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