If the Mayans are correct, then this is it. Just a little under a year remains for Earth and all its inhabitants. That's a good reason as any to not make any resolutions for the new year. If I can't evaluate how well I did at the end of the year, then screw it. Well that was easy. While I may not being making resolutions per se...

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House Hunters Chicago
02.06.2012 10:00PM
For years I've tuned into HGTV and watched the bevy of real estate programs - House Hunters, Property Virgins, My First Place - on Wednesday I'll get to put all my acquired knowledge to use as I look for a house in Chicago. After meeting with a realtor last week I've set up the first set of homes to check out. After nearly three years of renting, I think I'm ready for a place I can make my own.

There's a clear demarcation where houses in my price range can be found in Chicago - just west of the north branch of the Chicago River. Along this same corridor the CTA Blue Line winds south to the Loop, making it an ideal area, since public transportation is a vital part of my life. So in the neighborhoods of Logan Square, Avondale, and Iriving Park I'll begin my search. I pretty much know what I want, so we'll see if its out there in the area I want to be. So what am I looking for?

- Pre-1940s. Because construction post World War II, built hastily and on the cheap for returning veterans does not contain the same attention to detail and character.

- Hardwood floors. Decorative trim. Built-ins. Fireplace and mantle. Stained glass windows. Everything that comes with pre-1940s charm.

- 2+ bedrooms, 1.5+ baths, outdoor space (porch or deck or small yard).

- A place that needs a little love. I don't want a 100% fixer upper but I also don't want something that doesn't need at least a little work. A little elbow grease to restore some of the charm lost through the years.

That's the easy part. Now I just have to find it. So I'll keep you updated here at the blog. And when I move, you're move than welcome to help out.
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