Without a doubt I can say I've never experienced anything like it. There's been lots of snow (Louisville's record total is actually more than Chicago's record total). There's been monster thunderstorms. There's been ridiculous winds. But never had I experienced them together in an epic combination until Tuesday night.

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My Dreams Are Not Prophetic

Last night I dreamt I was at a space shuttle launch and the shuttle exploded just after takeoff as it failed to reach altitude. I thought nothing of it. And then I saw the headline on that the space shuttle Discovery was scheduled for its final launch today. That's when I got freaked out. I usually dream every night.

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Beavers & Ducks 7th Anniversary Spectacular
02.23.2011 8:00PM
On this day seven years ago Beavers and Ducks was born. It wasn't my first website but the first in which the content was strictly my unfiltered commentary. Prior to Beavers and Ducks there were a few Survivor websites (you know back when it was in its first few seasons - this season, Redemption Island, is season 22.) And there was the popular fantasy wrestling roleplaying site, Louisville Championship Wrestling. Wow, that was a long time ago. But those sites came and went. Beavers and Ducks has endured.

I'm not particularly sure why I started Beavers and Ducks at Blogspot on that very day. I'm guessing I had a lot of free time (I did. I was a freshman in college.) I'm guessing I thought I was funny (I still do.) I'm guessing I somehow wanted to document everything that was happening in my life but not keep a diary (It's a blog.) And so in some form or another, I've provided uncensored insight into my life through Beavers and Ducks for the last seven years. It's run the gamut - sports, politics, music, television, and everything in between. Often its completely random. But its always me.

For the first year, Beavers and Ducks resided at Blogspot. You can still find it there, archived forever (I guess.) From there it moved to my UIUC Netfiles, where I was in charge of coding and scripting the website. I took great pleasure in this, as you may recall, as the layout and design changed frequently. The UIUC Netfiles years have become the "Lost Years". Upon graduation from Illinois, I had six months to retrieve the information from Netfiles before it expired. At the time I was living and working in Chicago and that was the least of my worries. So the time came and went without me archiving the roughly 2.5 years of photos and stories that unfolded on Netfiles (including, quite possibly, the most popular story - Twenty-Nine and Uh-Oh.) But that also forced me to purchase my own domain. So since October 2007, Beavers and Ducks has resided at And much like the Beavers and Ducks before, it has had many looks and designs over the years.

So I thought it would be fun, seven years later, to look back on the first year of Beavers and Ducks. To look back on a young guy enjoying the spoils of college. Let's see how different, or similar, things are now in 2011 then they were in 2004. So for the next year, I will be posting, in parts or their entirety, stories on the day they first appeared seven years ago at the Beavers and Ducks of Blogspot. So without further ado, excerpts from the first post from February 23, 2004:

Write This Down
"It seems as though blog material abounds day in and day out but when it comes down to it, a careful selection must be made on what to write about. This weekend had its moments, like every weekend at the U of I has had."

[2011 Commentary: In general, my life is no more or less exciting than yours. And because of that I try not to waste your time or my time with a story thats uninteresting. And at times, that results in a significant time between posts. Supply and demand. Yada yada yada...]

And just like a freshman I finished with,

"On another weekend note, Shears claims he is done getting drunk (pause for laughter). Noble move and I respect the decision, but lets be honest, this is COLLEGE! Well as the clock strikes midnight, it's time to write off another memorable weekend at the U of I."

[2011 Commentary: Shears did follow that statement by going a good while not getting drunk. The moment he wanted to resume getting drunk is chronicled in a later post. And it's the culmination of a prank weeks in the making.]

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