Beavers & Ducks 7th Anniversary

On this day seven years ago Beavers and Ducks was born. It wasn't my first website but the first in which the content was strictly my unfiltered commentary. Prior to Beavers and Ducks there were a few Survivor websites (you know back when it was in its first few seasons - this season, Redemption Island, is season 22.)

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Big Easy Road Trip

Hurricane Katrina and I have come full circle with my Mardi Gras road trip complete. Let me explain. On the night of Sunday, August 28, 2005 as I watched the news they babbled on about another hurricane that could come ashore and cause major damage. Multiple times before in the 2005 hurricane season they got it wrong and it again looked like ridiculous hype.

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My Dreams Are Not (Always) Prophetic
02.24.2011 8:00PM
Last night I dreamt I was at a space shuttle launch and the shuttle exploded just after takeoff as it failed to reach altitude. I thought nothing of it. And then I saw the headline on that the space shuttle Discovery was scheduled for its final launch today. That's when I got freaked out. I usually dream every night. They are very vivid first person dreams. More often than not I remember the dream upon waking. The dreams are usually about the last thing I watched on TV or read on the internet. You know like that dream I had on Monday night about high school - most likely set in motion because of watching "Skins" before heading to bed. But I hadn't read anything about the space shuttle since early February when it was still being decided if Mark Kelly, Gabrielle Giffords husband, would command the flight.

So I was more than a little on edge most of the day leading up to the launch. Because, God forbid, if my dream played out in reality it wouldn't have been my first prophetic dream. Rewind to January 15, 2009. That's the day Sully Sullenberger landed US Airway Flight 1548 in the Hudson River. Overnight I dreamt of a plane crash into a body of water. I told my roommates about it and went about my day. But I didn't have class on Thursday so I found myself in front of the TV playing video games and God awful daytime TV. And it wasn't long before news broke of the emergency landing. A plane. A body of water. A "crash". It was my dream.

So as launch approached, I clicked to watch live coverage of the space shuttle on Obviously I was hoping everything would go off without a problem. But, forgive me, I also couldn't help but wonder, what if the shuttle did blow up at launch? I probably would have immediately left the office and hit the bottle. Seriously, that would have been a lot to cope with. But fortunately the space shuttle took off and reached orbit without a problem. I'm now batting .500 when it comes to prophetic dreams. And as long as it concerns tragic events, I want to be wrong every time. Now if I can only figure out a way to dream about the winning lottery numbers.

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