A Look Back- March 23, 2004

Today we continue to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Beavers and Ducks. So like I did with the first installment, I'm going to reproduce a post from the original Beavers and Ducks at Blogspot. Today, that post is from March 23, 2004 and I'll add some 2011 commentary. So without further ado, here's what 19 year-old me was blogging about.

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Calling All Visitors

Even though I awoke to snow this morning, apparently its been Spring for four weeks now. It would be impossible to know with all the gray skies and rainy days we've had since the vernal equinox. But if things go as they have for my previous 26 years, Summer will, in due time, follow Spring. Who knows when that will actually occur?

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A Part-Time Resident's Guide to Washington DC
03.28.2011 11:00PM
Over the past twenty months I have spent at least one week a month in Washington DC. During that week, I live, work, and play in the nation's capitol. Living five cumulative months at one week increments has given me interesting insight into the city. On one hand I'm a tourist, rarely staying for more than 5 days. On the other hand, I've spent so much time there I know how the city works, without have to actually be a part of it all. So with that perspective in mind, I present to you, A Part-Time Resident's Guide to Washington DC Podcast. Far from comprehensive, but enough to let you enjoy Washington DC, and not have it automatically assumed you're a tourist. Scroll down to see photos (some from my 2006 archives) and links to some of the places mentioned in the podcast, and then leave your own tips and suggestions in the comments. Podcasts are back.

Click for Podcast: A Part-Time Resident's Guide to Washington DC (Runtime: 11 minutes)

Helpful Links

DC Metro

G Street Food

National Building Museum
Frederick Law Olmsted "Summerhouse"

Camden Yards
Baltimore Inner Harbor

Harpers Ferry
Shenandoah National Park

Moon Take a Hike Washington, DC by Theresa Dowell Blackinton

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