Guide to Washington DC

Over the past twenty months I have spent at least one week a month in Washington DC. During that week, I live, work, and play in the nation's capitol. Living five cumulative months at one week increments has given me interesting insight into the city. On one hand I'm a tourist, rarely staying for more than 5 days. Check out the NEW podcast with all the information you need for a visit.

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Historic Preservation Month

May is a great month for many reasons - Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Flowers. Now, add another reason to the list, it's also Historic Preservation Month. I'm not going to get on my soapbox, well maybe, we'll see how it ends up. But to start, one of my favorite quotes, one that articulates my feelings about preservation:

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Calling All Visitors
04.18.2011 10:00PM
Even though I awoke to snow this morning, apparently its been Spring for four weeks now. It would be impossible to know with all the gray skies and rainy days we've had since the vernal equinox. But if things go as they have for my previous 26 years, Summer will, in due time, follow Spring. Who knows when that will actually occur? But the reason I, and millions of other people, live in Chicago and deal with Thunder Blizzards and winters that stay an unwelcome long time is because of Summer in Chicago. Chicago in the Summer is as good as it gets. So when summer finally does make it to the Windy City, you should come visit.

Below is a graphic of just some of the ridiculous number of festivals -

Seriously, look at the offerings. From May through September there are many options for entertainment. There are festivals of food, music, and arts. There are festivals for hipsters, old people, and drunks. And all of those aforementioned things together. Its exactly the stuff you want to be doing on a nice Summer Chicago day. That is if Chicago has a Summer in 2011.

So check out the schedule. (You can click it for a larger PDF version) Decide which festival(s) you want to do. Let me know when you're coming and we'll do Summer in Chicago. And if there isn't a Summer this year, then it better be the end of the World, because I will not deal with a 15+ month winter but this one time.

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