Derby 137: The Fourth Act

For the fourth consecutive year I, and a legion of friends, made the trek back to my Old Kentucky Home for the Kentucky Derby. Once again my parents were kind enough to open their home to us and not only provide us space to pass out, but also, provide us copious amounts of food - BBQ pulled pork and Derby pie - to be exact.

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It's Been A Long Time

So I thought I'd drop in and say hello. It's been about three months since we last talked. It's not that you've been out of the loop, since I have been keeping you up to date with some additions to the photo gallery. But I have done more than just snap some photographs, so I thought I'd fill you in.

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Beavers and Ducks: A Look Back- May 12 & 13, 2004
05.12.2011 9:00PM
As we continue our celebration of 7 years of Beavers and Ducks, we have reached one of the greatest stories ever told. And I'm not just talking about Beavers and Ducks. I'm talking about EVER. It's a story so great that it received two posts on back to back days. Today, in their entirety, the posts from May 12 and 13, 2004, interspersed with 2011 commentary.

Breaking News...
In a developing story the guys of Scott Hall 3 have done it. What is the "it" being referred to? Well stayed tuned for that story later. But after weeks of speculation, planning, doubting, and other crazy thoughts, the brilliant minds of the floor were able to out do themselves once again. How high is too high? They aren't really sure, and won't be able to find out, since tonight is the final hoorah. For further details stayed tuned to Beavers and Ducks.

[2011 Commentary: The comment no longer exists but I remember a comment from my mom to the effect, "What are you doing? Don't get in trouble it is your last night." And I just let it hang. She would have to find out along with everybody else.]

Once It Hits Your Lips...
It was said that it couldn't be done. There were doubters. There were skeptics. But then there was Colin, Keith, and I. And when all three of us have a brilliant idea, we follow through on it. No questions. Just one week earlier the "case race" we had discussed for weeks finally took place, but we out did ourselves this time. Though the "case race" was one great time, the events of last night top the list of happenings from the past year at the U of I. Oh there were plenty of good times, but last night was the perfect send off for the guys of Scott Three.

[2011 Commentary: And even when I get around to announcing what "it" is, I leave the audience in suspense for another paragraph. Looking back, the speed and efficiency at which the plans came together was amazing.]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we had a keg in the dorm last night.

(pause for disbelief, jaw dropping, gasps, slobbering, and the such)

The idea first came to our attention a month or so ago. I recall IMing Brian and asking him what the odds were that he knew somebody who could get us a keg. The odds were slim. And right after that, Colin walked into my room and it only made sense. If we were going to follow through on these plans, Colin would most likely be able to get the keg and would be a willing participant. When he uttered that it would be very likely he could get a keg, the plans went into motion. They were elaborate, detailed plans. The inner-circle was small. Few knew about the possibility of a keg in the dorm, but the number grew as we looked for people who would be willing to enjoy the festivities. The guy who "hosted" the keg, Gruber, even offered his room thinking that the odds of it happening were slim to none. This was brilliant.

[2011 Commentary: "IMing". Ah, the days of AIM. My #1 means of communication in college. That hasn't changed much, its just GChat now. I feel like I could have been describing the recent operation that killed bin Laden - elaborate plans, small inner circle. This was some serious shit. And since I dropped a few names its time for a little "Where are they now?" Brian- Haven't seen him since college. We are FB friends and he lives in Chicago. Colin- Hadn't seen him in roughly four years, until he came to Derby last weekend. Gruber- Haven't seen him since college. We are FB friends, he's engaged, and lives in Chicago.]

Bringing the keg into the dorm with Colin ranks as one of the most gratifying events in my short life. From the unloading of the Keg from the back of his Jimmy, while many people were milling around, to rolling the keg through the court yard and the wait for the elevator until it was dropped off in Gruber's room, I had a huge smile upon my face and was laughing. It was beautiful.

[2011 Commentary: I have a horrible memory but I will never forget this. It was a time when everybody was moving out of the dorms, and here we are pulling a cart with a large TV box hiding a keg into the dorms. Seriously great moment.]

I could continue with the rest of the story, but words don't quite capture the essence. Go to for pictures.

This day will not soon be forgotten. Thanks to all who were involved with making it happen: Colin's brother (who got the keg), Colin, Keith, "Big" Nick, Gore, Jeff, GZ, Eric, Brian, Gruber, Lauren, Jill and I know I am forgetting people. What a year it was and we capped it off in style.

[2011 Commentary: Seriously, click the link and go check out the photos. How fucking awesome! More name dropping. Yeah other than Gore and Eric, I haven't seen any of those people since college (we already covered Colin and of course you know Keith). It was actually like mini-reunion of Scott Hall Three this weekend at the Derby. Had Keith been there it would have been pretty much everybody I still hang out with. And to think, it was under the premise of sneaking booze in somewhere.]

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