A Look Back: May 12 & 13, 2004

As we continue our celebration of 7 years of Beavers and Ducks, we have reached one of the greatest stories ever told. And I'm not just talking about Beavers and Ducks. I'm talking about EVER. It's a story so great that it received two posts on back to back days. Today, in their entirety, the posts from May 12 and 13, 2004, interspersed with 2011 commentary.

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Photography: The Wish List

As of late, between work, soccer, and softball, I've been reading a lot about photography and studying a lot of photographs that intrigue me. I've also been photographing, but not as much as I'd like. All the while, I was selecting photographs to enter in the Kentucky State Fair. I feel pretty confident that there is a 1st place winner in the bunch.

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It's Been A Long Time
08.03.2011 9:00PM
So I thought I'd drop in and say hello. It's been about three months since we last talked. It's not that you've been out of the loop, since I have been keeping you up to date with some additions to the photo gallery - vacation (here, here, here, and here), Rick & Angela's wedding ( here), rappelling the Santa Fe Building ( here), and a visit back home to Louisville ( here and here). But I have done more than just snap some photographs, so I thought I'd fill you in.

Things have been busy, well because its summer. That means I'm busy at work, as well as busy enjoying the weather. I'm playing softball and soccer. The softball team finished 3-4, winning when we field a full team and losing when we field much less than a full team. It's hard to cover all the space with just 7 players. The soccer team wrapped up season at 5-4-1 just one game short of the final. It had been essentially eight years since I played legitimate organized soccer. But just like riding a bike, you never forget what you're doing. Sure my stamina was non-existent, my touch off, and my confidence unsteady, but it all slowly returned as the season progressed. While I didn't find the back of the net, I did record five assists. Considering I joined an independent team not knowing anybody, I'm not only pleased with our overall skill, but also the people on the team. They are people I can hang out with outside the lines. So we've decided to sign up for another season which starts in 2 weeks. Hopefully having played together for a season proves helpful for next season.

And then there was the Women's World Cup. I got sucked into that and enjoyed every second. The tournament was especially entertaining from the quarterfinals through the final. And it didn't hurt the USWNT played in some incredible games (v. Brasil and v. Japan obviously come to mind) and also has some nice eye candy. I developed a ridiculous crush on #15 Megan Rapinoe. Seriously, her skill (you saw that epic cross to Abby Wambach's head v. Brasil), her looks (blonde, brunette, don't care), and she's fucking hilarious (watch any interview she's done)- what's not to love? So yeah, count me in as a new fan of the Women's Professional Soccer team, magicJack, for whom Rapinoe plays for. Oh, the Summer Games can't get here soon enough, because that's when the USWNT will be back in action with significant TV time. Maybe they'll schedule a friendly in Chicago. That would be sweet.

And now the Dog Days are here things will continue to be busy. Matthew and Caroline are coming for a visit next weekend. Then the following weekend is the greatest event Chicago offers - the Air & Water Show. I'll defintely be spending parts of both days watching the aircrafts buzz the skyline. Then Theresa and Jeff are coming the last weekend of August. And just last week I booked a flight to Nashville to visit a friend over the Labor Day weekend. Busy, busy but its going to be fun. I'll try not to leave you hanging for three months moving forward.

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