It's Been A Long Time

So I thought I'd drop in and say hello. It's been about three months since we last talked. It's not that you've been out of the loop, since I have been keeping you up to date with some additions to the photo gallery. But I have done more than just snap some photographs, so I thought I'd fill you in.

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R.E.M- The Great Beyond

After 31 years and just six months after the release of their 15th studio album, R.E.M has called it a day. Like most of their career they did it with little fanfare - an announcement on their website with Michael (Stipe), Mike (Mills), and Peter (Buck) leaving some parting words. As a classic rock junkie, this is new territory for me. I've never had a favorite band dis-band.

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Photography: The Wish List
08.04.2011 9:00PM
As of late, between work, soccer, and softball, I've been reading a lot about photography and studying a lot of photographs that intrigue me. I've also been photographing, but not as much as I'd like. All the while, I was selecting photographs to enter in the Kentucky State Fair. I feel pretty confident that there is a 1st place winner in the bunch, especially since this year, amatuers and professionals have been separated into different categories. We'll know in a few weeks if the feeling was accurate. But what I've taken away from the reading I've done is that its good to have a running list of things you want to photograph and why you want to photograph them, no matter how unlikely it may be to actually photograph said subjects. So here's my current list:

Hot Air Balloons
Talk about a myriad of vibrant colors. Then there's fire. And once they take off they add to a beautiful landscape shot. Not to mention, a glowing balloon seems to be a perfect subject for a night shot. So I looked into balloon festivals around Chicago, and there's just one within 3 hours, and I already missed it for 2011. The Quad Cities has a festival at the end of September and its tentatively on my calendar.

Hagia Sophia
Constructed in what was then Constantinople in the 6th century its only the greatest surviving example of Byzantine architecture. Once the largest Cathedral (for over 1000 years) and then a Mosque, its now a museum. The dome with 40 windows around its base is a sight to behold. And this is going to happen relatively soon as I've booked my flight to Turkey for March 2012. I'll be traveling with Theresa and Jeff.

(A quick aside: The trip to Turkey will mark the fourth consecutive year I've traveled with Theresa and Jeff. In January 2009 I met up with them in Peru as they traversed the world. In May 2010 along with Mark, we took a road trip to Yellowstone. And this May joined by the family we vacationed to Pawleys Island. They know what they're doing. What can I say?)

The American Southwest
I'm including the southern half of Utah and Colorado along with all of Arizona and New Mexico. Definitely Arches National Park, Zion National Park, Chaco Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park. Talk about stark beauty- rock formations, beautiful skies, sunrise and sunsets on an endless horizon. Maybe this will be vacation 2013, though I may need to bump Glacier National Park to the front of the list. That shit is melting fast.

Familiar Chicago Landmarks
So I've been in Chicago for two years now, but I'm still missing some of the most fundamental Chicago landmarks in my collection. We're talking about- night skyline shot from the Adler Planetarium, Chicago Theatre marquee at night, Buckingham Fountain, interior of the Rookery, and countless others. I guess I'm always looking for the unique shot that I sometimes for that even familiar shots can be great.

Megan Rapinoe
That goes without saying. But I don't see myself in Boca Raton anytime soon for a magicJack game and the USWNT is playing in Portland and Kansas City. Doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

So that's the short list. And most of them are doable in the near future, so I'll keep adding to the list, and obviously when I successfully photograph anything from the list and not on the list, you'll see the fruits of my labor in the Photoblog.
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