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This is the first post. However, if there was a previous post, you would see a blurb of the previous post and a link to navigate to the earlier entry. As more posts come online, this will be an easy way to click to and from all the posts on the site.
A Tradition Unlike Any Other

No, not the Masters, but rather Illinois v. Indiana football. The stakes are even higher this year, as the Hoosiers head to Champaign on Illinois' Homecoming. And we all know the theory behind Homecoming scheduling - you schedule an opponent you know you will beat.

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Welcome to the NEW
10.17.2010 12:00PM
To borrow a phrase from Brent Musberger, "You're looking LIVE..." at the NEW Ever since beavers&ducks made its debut over 6 1/2 years ago, I've always been looking for the best way to bring my content to you, the loyal viewers. Without a doubt, some versions have been more sucessful than others, and I'm confident this is the best layout yet. So let me explain the reasons for the changes and what'll you find at the NEW

- A more streamline and professional look
Navigating hasn't always been the easiest task. But take a look at the header on this page. A variation of this header carries throughout the site, keeping a consistent look. The link bar at the top makes it easy to jump to and from each section of the website. 'home' ( will feature short previews that link to the latest entries at both 'beavers&ducks' ( and the 'photoblog' ( Each new entry will have its own dedicated page making it easy to link to and archive. I hope you find the navigation as easy as I imagine.

- More viewing pleasure
Consider this WIDESCREEN. The width of the site has been increased from 750 pixel to 1000 pixels. The main reason for this change is to feature photos at a larger scale for your viewing pleasure. Landscape oriented photos will now display at 996px by 661px. This increase in size also creates a very aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable photo gallery archive.

- Its still
So the look has changed and the navigation is easier, but its still the same website you know and love. It's not all about me. Each entry still has a section for comments, and trust me, I want you to comment. So click around the site and check everything out. Let me know if theres a broken link or something that doesn't make sense. I hope you enjoy the new look, because I have a feeling this one just might last a little longer than the rest.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you'll be making frequent visits. And if you haven't bookmarked by now, what are you waiting for?

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