I Said, Trick or Treat Asshole

Unfortunately every treat dropped in your bag on Halloween is not awesomely delicious goodness. Like a Snickers, or Twix, or Jolly Rancher, or Starburst. Nope, some asshole out there has to pick up something disgusting to put in your bag. Those are the people for which the tricks should be reserved.

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Winter Time in a Summer Town

So it's not yet winter in Chicago, seemingly far from it (temperatures have approached 70 the past few days), but its coming. The clocks have changed, and its dark well before six o'clock. At least five months of old man winter await along with temperatures that hover below freezing and feel much colder with the wicked Chicago wind. It's not fun.

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The Christmas List
11.03.2010 7:00PM
Now that the calendar has turned from October to November it's time, per custom, to unveil my Christmas list. You know, just in case you're in an extra giving mood this year, you'll know exactly what to get me. Don't forget, I've been extra good this year. So without further ado, my "work in progress" Christmas list for 2010.

- Modern Construction Handbook by Andrew Watts
Imagine that. An architecture junkie wanting a book that awesomely illustrates the sexy parts of buildings - the construction details. All the reviews say its the best construction handbook out there, so obviously it belongs on my book shelf.

- Plans of Chicago by Roche and Lasher
Another architecture book. Holy crap, two books. This one about the historic planning of the Second City and the planning of Chicago in the future. Hey, its a cold long winter so I find myself reading more often.

- Chicago Neighborhoods Poster
Specifically the Chicago Special Edition screen print. While I know a lot of the neighborhoods after nearly 18 months in the city, I don't know them all. And art that makes a talking piece is always a bonus.

- The National Parks: America's Best Idea DVD by Ken Burns
Ken Burns does great shit. This is no expection. I tuned in to every premiere episode and was entertained every time. It'll be nice to pop in whenever I want.

- 8" Chef's Knife
I don't give a shit if it's that specific knife, but I want a quality Chef's knife as I cut and chop a lot of shit. I have knives that do an okay job, but I want a really good knife.

- NBA Jam (Wii game)
When I first saw this arcade classic was going to return on Wii, I knew it was a must have. I've made it this long without it, but with Christmas around the corner, I might as well get it. Boom shakalaka!

- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Wii game)
I'm a Tiger Woods junkie. It's my most played Wii game by far. And yet I still have Tiger Woods 2007. The game has gone through many advances and upgrades since then, including this year's first person view. That's the main draw for an upgrade, well that and Wii Motion Plus.

Like I said, its a work in progress. I'm sure I'll be sitting around over the next few days and something I forgot to put on the list will pop into my head. I'm pretty easy to please as well. So go ahead and get me a gift, even if you don't see it on the list. Just 51 shopping days, so get started today!

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