Winter Time in a Summer Town

So it's not yet winter in Chicago, seemingly far from it (temperatures have approached 70 the past few days), but its coming. The clocks have changed, and its dark well before six o'clock. At least five months of old man winter await along with temperatures that hover below freezing and feel much colder with the wicked Chicago wind. It's not fun.

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So this is Twenty-eleven. I'm not exactly sure what happened to Twenty-ten, but its gone. Seriously, I feel like last year got stuck in the time-space continuum and lasted for maybe five minutes. It was certainly fun while it lasted. So what's Twenty-eleven have in store for Beavers and A lot.

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Interview: Theresa Dowell Blackinton Part Two
12.11.2010 12:00PM
Here is the final part of the interview with author and photographer Theresa Dowell Blackinton. At the end of Part Two we finished up talking about her upcoming book Moon Kentucky and in Part Three we discuss here desire to travel and what travel plans she has for the near future. Check out Part Three below. Runtime: 17 minutes.

Theresa Dowell Blackinton Interview: Part Three

If you missed Parts One or Two they are linked further down the page.

And now, Part Two of the interview with Theresa Dowell Blackinton. We left off asking Theresa about the must see areas of the state. She started in the west and we're moving to the east. Theresa is about to tell us about the wonderful caves in Kenntucky. Runtime: 17 minutes.

Theresa Dowell Blackinton Interview: Part Two

If you missed Part One, its link below

While Theresa Dowell Blackinton's next book, Moon Kentucky won't arrive on bookshelves until Spring 2011, I got the inside scoop on her travels around the state. Find out about her favorite spots, the best food, and some of the interesting tidbits she learned along the way in this three-part interview with the author, photographer, and all-around gypsy. And then for all the need to know information about visiting the state, be sure to grab the book in the spring. Check out Part One of the interview below. Runtime: 14 minutes.

Theresa Dowell Blackinton Interview: Part One

Be sure to check out her websites,

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