Haiti- First Impressions

The first sights of Port-au-Prince (PaP) are not pretty. Unlike Cairo or Lima where I flew into the city well after dark obscuring everything until morning, I arrived in PaP under blue skies and a bright sun. And unlike other cities situated on the beach, there is not hotel after hotel lining the sand. Nope, the first sights of PaP as you near touch down are shanty towns.

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Pop Quiz Hotshot! 2011 Year in Review
12.13.2011 9:00PM
So how well did you do? Find out below.

1. Chicago experienced it’s third largest total snowfall when a blizzard blew through the night before what holiday?

c. Groundhog Day
On the night of Tuesday, February 1 the mother of all winter storms thrashed Chicago. It didn't let up until the afternoon of Groundhog Day. But it just wasn't any snow storm, it came packing thunder and lightning - THUNDERBLIZZARD. In the end...

2. The total snowfall from the aforementioned blizzard measured how much?

c. 21.2 inches

3. Which state did I not travel to this year?

d. Texas
I traveled to all the other states for projects like in Los Angeles but managed to mix in some play at least once.

4. Watching the Women’s World Cup I developed a crush on which USWNT player?

a. Megan Rapinoe
Some people (Mark. Theresa.) claimed it was unhealthy and getting out of hand. But my friend Matt is absolutely in agreement with me. Seriously. We shared plenty of links to Rapinoe stuff on the interwebs. Hell, we still do. Cannot get enough.

5. Which sin-filled city did I go to partake in bachelor party shenanigans?

b. New Orleans
Ah, what a shit hole. Actually there are some nice things in New Orleans. But it still smells like shit.

6. During vacation at Pawleys Island, this animal had washed up all along the beaches by the thousands?

e. Starfish
While I know a lot of you were thinking dead babies, that just wasn't the case. It was starfish. The winds were so damn strong they were just being blown the fuck out of the water. And there they were stuck until high tide, which means most of them died.

7. How many different buildings did I rappel this year?

c. 7
I think. Santa Fe Building. Los Angeles Hall of Justice. 320 S. Boston Building. Kennedy Building. Mid-Continent Tower. And two buildings on the Loyola campus. Seven is all I can remember so that will have to suffice as the answer. So its at least seven.

8. Who was the drunkest person to attend Momma Dowell’s Derby Extravaganza?

b. Jeff
He managed to drink about 16 ounces of vodka AFTER we left Churchill Downs. Another year and another succesful Momma Dowell Derby Extravaganza. The Derby is on May 5 in 2012. Mark your calendars, because we'll be doing it all over again, again.

9. How many goals did I score during the intramural soccer season?

a. 0
I was more like my crush Megan Rapinoe, racking up 8 assists on the season. It's all about distributing the ball and looking hot as fuck with peroxide blonde hair.

10. In March 2012 I am going to vacation in which country?

d. Turkey
Gobble. Gobble.

So how did you do? If you didn't achieve a perfect score, your resolution for 2012 should be to do a better job reading the blog, looking at my photos, and following me on Facebook and/or Twitter. I'm not joking.
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